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 Post subject: What criteria for and where to buy a beginner didj?
PostPosted: 07.12.2013, 01:10 

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Hi all,

Greetings from Belgium. I'm new to the forum and have waded through many of the very informative threads, but still have some questions. I've been browsing the web for a beginner didj but I'm quite unsure what to believe about all the marketing.

I'm reading things like
" best size is somewhere between 100 and 150 cm long. Longer or shorter didgeridoos need more air to keep going and consequently are harder to learn circular breathing on. The best musical keys to learn on are F, F#, E, D#, D, C#, C or B."

and "The higher the back pressure, the longer you can play between breath and the easier it is to learn circular breathing. This is the most important criterion for learners."

And I'm seeing prices from 130 euros and upward. Is this normal? (this was on didjshop)

I would like a termite hollowed out didj so I'm guessing those are pricier?

I have no idea which seller is trustworthy and what I should believe about their claims, so any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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 Post subject: Re: What criteria for and where to buy a beginner didj?
PostPosted: 07.12.2013, 22:57 

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I learnt with a 28mm x 100cm length of plastic pipe!
Honestly I did but... not because I did not have a wood didge to use but, because it was just so much easier to get a drone.

You will find that after a year of practice you can just play any didge you come across!
Some might take a few minuets to adjust too but you will get a good drone out of virtually anything!

However when you start off a high back pressure didge is the way to go but they can come in all lengths.

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 Post subject: Re: What criteria for and where to buy a beginner didj?
PostPosted: 09.12.2013, 22:01 
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Hi Deva
Welcome to the forum.
Here are my claims as a seller :wink:
If you are a complete beginner, the "best" didge is usually a length of plastic tube or similar, which is easy to get a sound out of, until you can play a little. It's only when you can play that you will be able to tell what the "best" didge is, because that's one that you enjoy playing, and you will need to find that out for yourself. Wooden didges are very different from each other, as are the players and their preferences. No one can tell you what will suit you, so practice on a tube of some kind or borrow a didge from someone else and save your money until you can play well enough to choose for yourself.

Serious Sticks Ireland

 Post subject: Re: What criteria for and where to buy a beginner didj?
PostPosted: 22.12.2013, 06:46 
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Hi Deva,

May I add my advice? From someone who started playing just a couple of years ago... I understand your confusion.

There are both practical and philosophical answers to your questions. Practical answers first...

The best didj is the one that you can play. All of these instruments are different and have their own peculiar playing characteristics. You may select a didj online that seems to meet all of your criteria for a "good" didj, but then you may find it difficult to play as a beginner. That's why, as a beginner, you really have to try numerous instruments to find one that you can play easily. As you get more experienced, you will find it easier to play a wider range of instruments. So the advice of starting with a plastic pipe is good advice. Get your skills honed on something cheap (like plastic), and soon you will be able to answer many of your own questions.

Length, key, back-pressure and size of the mouthpiece are matters of personal taste. And your personal taste will certainly change and grow as you become better (that's why so many of us have several instruments). Long sticks can be difficult to play if they have a wide bore, but if the bore is smaller then length may not be a problem. You have to blow into the instrument yourself to see how it feels to you. Higher back pressure is not necessarily "better" - playing against a high back pressure is tiring (but it will certainly strengthen your diaphragm!). But low back pressure is equally as tiring because you have to blow hard to move more air.

Be warned - what feels "right" to you as a beginner is very different from what will feel "right" to you as an experienced player. So don't spend a lot of money until you are more experienced.

Which didj is best for a beginner? Now for the philosophical answer. The yidaki or didjeridu is an important ceremonial instrument of the Aboriginal peoples of Australia. They have not surrendered their cultural claim to this instrument. But didjeridus are being made all over the world (for profit) by non-Aboriginals, without permission of Aboriginals. Many of us chose to respect the Aboriginal culture by purchasing yidakis or didjeridus that were made only by the traditional custodians of the instrument - the Aboriginals of a certain area of northern Australian. Many of the didjeridus coming out of Australia are not truly traditional instruments, but are mass marketed as "Aboriginal" for profit. Here are some examples of these non-traditional instruments. I had a couple of instruments like these when I first started to buy and play the didjeridu.


So another factor to consider in your quest is the philosophical nature of cultural respect. Take a look here:
(Look at the links on the left side of the above web page - Sacred Origins, Didgeridoo Label, etc. The website is no longer operational but it is still a good reference.)

You can send a PM if you have any other questions.

Good luck.

I toot in your general direction!

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