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 Post subject: Couple of Beginner's Questions
PostPosted: 19.04.2012, 14:01 

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First of all, a question about the Double Breathing:

I watched the two Circular Breathing Tutorials by Ondrej Smeykal.

Practiced his Modular exercises--not for twenty minutes each, like he recommended, but over a period of several weeks.

I can inhale through my nose while blowing out--however, when I try it while Playing, I seem to need to push my lips firmly together to start nasal inhalation. Then when I blow out, all I get is a rather constipated "Spritttzzing" noise. Any attempt to open the lips and get resonance, ends up with me using air from the lungs once more--and losing my "Cheek Reservoir" almost instantly.

I started because of the Apnea Improvement--though now I really want to master the instrument.....

But at any rate, when discussing the desirability of removing the Uvula--and the Doctor told me that I was so obstructed that it wouldn't help.....

And it makes me wonder if I'm physically incapable of inhaling through the nose while shutting off airflow from the mouth.....

At any rate, I'll keep trying, and would appreciate any tips.

My Second Question:

At my Church, anyone with a musical instrument brings it, and they all kinda Jam together on the Hymns. I'll bet that none of them has even heard of the Didjeridu.

When I get good enough, I'd like to take mine to Church and join in.

Any tips on learning to lay down a good Rhythm With the Didjeridu to accompany more traditional instruments--And not getting something that sounds like a Cat Fight?


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 Post subject: Re: Couple of Beginner's Questions
PostPosted: 19.04.2012, 14:49 

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I am a beginner player as well. When I first started to circle breathe I had the same issue, I could do it without the didge, but maintaining the drone while doing it seemed impossible. What helped me most was to extend my lower jaw while pushing the air with my cheeks. This kept my lips even, or extended my lower lip past the upper (i read this somewhere) and this seemed to help my circle breathing the most.

I also remember when I first started circle breathing that I would maintain a drone for a long time, and once I was almost out of air I would try to circle breathe with a long deep breath. Because I had little air in my lungs it was difficult to maintain the power to expel the air. So I started reading again, and now I use a very short, quick and powerful sniff, and breath at least every 5-15sec.

Good luck!

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