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PostPosted: 02.04.2007, 19:21 

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thanks for all the input everyone.

i could do with a little clarification as to what
the old Arnhem Land fix

taping, though not ideal, seems likely, whether i glue or not. and i intend to glue, knowing that no matter how tightly i hold it together and tightly i tape it up, the existence of the crack could hamper sound. and it's sound that matters most to me, not asthetics.

around here i have various wood glues, old school glue (pv?), araldite (unlikely to be practical to apply), and probably a couple others my dad has.

if that big bottle of old school glue is still usable, i think it likely, simply because it'd be easiest to apply.

tightly wrapping in some kind of twine or thread also sounds like a wise move for adding strength.

but i am learning from reading around that the more i bulk it up, the more dampening effect on the resonance there will be, so shall also be keeping this in mind.

the suggestion of sanding to create my own artwork i also found quite appealing, but will have to see how glueing goes, if it does.

i'll be alot more certain of what i'm doing before i make any moves.

... oh i see now... thats a fishing rod! haha. i wondered why someone would want a cup holder poking out of their didge. :D haha, just saw longdog's last post there too.. glad i'm not the only one who thought that. :D

thnx again everyone. keep it coming.
i'll keep this thread updated with my progress and remember to photodocument the procedure once underway.
should be of help to others who might find themselves in similar circumstances (even if i botch it, it will be a benefit to others, hehe).

Namaste, Enlakesh, Ahimsa.

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PostPosted: 03.04.2007, 10:13 
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In Arnhem Land they often keep an instrument in playable condition by wrapping it and any cracks with electrical tape! This is a modern version of the older bark and bush string technique which would've been used in the past.


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PostPosted: 04.04.2007, 11:05 
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To echo warnerr, a freind of mine repaired her stick, an old mago personally selected for her by David B, by cutting a channel around the splits (around the circumference) binding it with twine, infilling and then repainting :?

Hasn't opened up since and still plays well.


Brother, there are clapsticks for us all. Come with us! (Walakandha calling the singer in "Yenmilhi")

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