Wood Split Help - Ironbark Eucalyptus
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Author:  MahaRa [ 28.09.2017, 14:32 ]
Post subject:  Wood Split Help - Ironbark Eucalyptus

Hi everyone! (first time poster)

I've been very fortunate to get a beautiful ironbark eucalyptus didge made by Peter Santo. The previous owner never played it, and basically used it as a decoration piece.

At the bottom of the bell, the lighter wood has separated from the darker wood bark layer. I started with an exotic wood oil conditioner to get some moisture back into it. I want to stabilize the wood so it's very strong for a lifetime of playing :)

I need everyone's help in deciding how to fix the crack. I know the patch needs to be strong yet flexible. Here are the options I'm considering, but please chime in if you know of something better!!!

1. A 50% blend of PVA glue + sawdust
2. West System G Flex Apoxy
3. Gorilla (wood) Glue

Thanks for your feedback!

- Bob

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